MISSION Statement

Metric Music Therapy's mission is to provide the best practices in Neurologic Music Therapy services for individuals with special needs in Southern California.  This mission will be upheld through the use of scientifically founded theories, research, and standardized clinical techniques to meet the functional skills and needs of individuals within our community.  Educational outreach and promotion of Neurologic Music Therapy services will be included through the continued development of clinicians, scholarship of clients, families, and community members through training and presentations.


NEUROLOGIC MUSIC THERAPY (NMT) is defined as the therapeutic application of music to cognitive, sensory, and motor dysfunctions due to neurologic differences of the human nervous system.  NMT is based on a neuroscience model of music perception and production and the influence of music on non-musical brain and behavior functions.  -(Thaut, 2005)

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About the Founder

Peggy Schaefer, MM, MT-BC, NMT-F is a Board Certified Music Therapist, Fellow of the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy, and completed her Master's degree from Colorado State University.  Peggy works with a variety of populations, including autism, developmental delays, Parkinson's disease, stroke and other neurologic differences.

Her theoretical emphasis is on sensorimotor development as it pertains to neuro-developmental differences.

She has served on the Exam Committee for the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT). Peggy attained her Bachelor degree in French Horn performance from California State University, Fullerton.